Leverage your business with AI

phone features

1. Prepare your data

AI models are trained on your past data to predict the future or get recommendations.

2. Train your AI model

One step Train process to kick start AI model training on your data

3. Personalized model for you

Use this personalized AI model specially built for you!

Why choose us?

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Want to build a recommendation algorithm for your audience? Build one super fast!

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Implement Fraud detection

Struggling with Fraud in any transactional section of your Business? Make a Fraud detection Engine now!

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Customer acquisition cost

Not Sure on Customer acquisition costs? Predict for the future based on past data :)

Other use cases

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Predict Sales revenue

Wondering what the figures might look like for the next quarter? Let AI help you figure it out!

feature 2

Medical Classification

Got past data on a disease and want to predict if a patient is suffering from it? Build an AI model to help predict

feature 3

Portfolio Optimization

Asset management can be overwhelming. Don't worry, Codenull is ready to help! with asset value history it can optimize your portfolio for the best returns

feature 6

Robo Advisor

Confused where to invest in? Make a Robo advisor that helps you purely customized to your needs

feature 5

Logistics cost

Train an AI model on past data of logistic costs and get accurate predictions on the same for future

feature 4

Any possible AI use case

We solve ANY possible AI use case. Yes you heard us right! ANY possible AI use case. Not sure which one suits you? Get in touch, let us help you make AI models customized for your business.

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